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Because there is a decompensation on Earth as to energy for the supremacy of Man which generated so much imbalance until today, this is Buddha’s offering. This painting is intended from the beginning, the Buddha offers the mother, represents the female energy; who better than the Buddha to offer the feminine energy, to the mother earth and to the Human being, which is so necessary for balance on this planet.

The mother goddess also has an offering in her hand, it is  nectar that goes up, that nectar passes through the face of the Buddha which has a closed eye and an open eye which means a new awakening. Through the essence offered by the goddess and the energy that comes out of the Buddha, they come together and the union arises; The Supra-consciousness of unconditional love.

The left side of the picture represents the past and the right the future, means that the “Dharma”, good deeds will prevail in the future. This is the interpretation of the work from its origin.