Transpersonal – portrait

What means Transpersonal – portrait?

According to different studies it is shown that the paintings as much as the photographs have an energetic frequency due to the intention that the artist exposes, and with the vibration produced by the author, in this way it influences both the energy and vibratory field of the Person and in the space where the picture, sculpture, e.t.c. is exposed.

The Transpersonal-Portrait reflects and exposes the Essence (Soul) of the person to be portraid and in the case of the Mandalas (Merkabas) and through the contemplation of them helps to transform and evolve towards a more sublime and authentic state of Being.

The artist means to tell us that through some information and his “Intuition” witch for him is a channel that reveals the essence and the intimateness of the person to portray, but not only in the physical or apparent of it, but in his whole.

There are two modes of  Transpersonal-potrait. One with a Personal Photo included in a Mandala addressed to that person and the other as shown by some Photos with the Person included in the Table, which has as a background themes or landscapes that have to do with the intimateness of the person in question with their aspirations and Longings. The Frames are made to order requiring some information and some photos of the person making the order.